Spouting & Downpipes Services



Total replacement service. Taking down old or rusty spouting and replacing with Marley Stormcloud or Classic design. Can be painted. This really gives a smart clean look and ensures the house is protected and dry.

The spouting we have installed in Christchurch over 20 years ago is still in good condition with no leaks. We specialise in doing things the right way so that they will last much longer.

The old spouting is removed and disposed of. Replacement service starts from $1400

Downpipe Replacement

Replace those rusty old metal downpipes with clean, stylish no rot P.V.C.

They can be made to fit all types of spouting, thus giving a nice fresh look and a new lease of life.

Round and square shapes available. From $80


Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance


It is very important to maintain your gutter. One thing that must be done at least once a year is to have it cleaned of its leaves and debris. Also, make sure that you clean the outlet and downpipes of any obstructions.

This ensures that the water flows correctly and the formation of rust is prevented. You won't know if your gutter is blocked until it is too late.

Overflowing gutters will rot the fascia board or rafter ends causing a very expensive repair. Apart from cleaning the gutter we will also give you a report on its condition and any issues if present.

Charges: From $100 upwards

Re-leveling after Earthquakes

Water needs to flow towards the downpipe. Even after earthquake repairs, it is evident that the gutter may no longer be working and water is flowing AWAY from the outlet and pooling in the lowest areas causing it to rot and considerably reducing the lifespan.

We can come and check your gutter to make sure if it is working properly. If not, we will advise you on the follow-up action which needs to be taken.

Charges: From $50 upwards